any of you were also interested in Japan, I am now living in Nagoya and have started a blog at nagoyadon-t.tumblr.com.

So if you want to see some Japan pictures and have a little more fun in Asia - head on over there, because the party continues.


I feel bad if you came to this blog late, because I am no longer living in Seoul, and therefore new pictures will not be forthcoming.

Unless I go for a visit in the spring while I’m living in Japan.

Just wanted to let you all know that the party has ended for the time being.


Obessession, much?: HONESTY TIME


I don’t know how I’m going to feel about the Ponds’ imminent exit. I refused to watch “Doomsday” for forever because I couldn’t watch Rose go. I’ve only watched pieces of “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End” because David is my favorite Doctor, my first Doctor, and my heart breaks when I think…

Reply to reply: yes, but still. I know he’s leaving. And he kind of leaves. The happy Doctor leaves. He becomes “we know what’s coming now” Doctor, and that’s when he really leaves for me.

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Photo Set

Food photos!
Ice Cup - cheap AND delicious. This one is caramel macchiato.
The delicious street chicken I talk about so often on my blog at seoulsleeper.wordpress.com.
And finally - the last bingsoo of the trip!

Photo Set

In true Korean fashion, we were given beer as part of the meal but had to order soda and juice separately.

The desserts were a hassle to get to, and I had to beat some people off of this one. They only had a limited number.

Photo Set

Seoul Marina where we had our Farewell Event. Supposedly a barbeque, it actually just turned out to be a buffet.

Photo Set


Photo Set

We went to a baseball game between the Bears and the Wyverns at Jamsil Stadium. It was pretty cheap, so that was nice. But they definitely were nowhere near MLB material.

Photo Set
Photo Set

Dessert as Baskin Robbins. We shared what was probably a gallon of ice cream among the 12 of us and then two fondues.